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mastering the online interview 

In this blog, we discuss the modern world of recruitment in which online interviews have become the norm. 

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As a recruiter, the primary goal is to ensure that the hiring process is as smooth and efficient as possible. In the modern world of recruitment, online interviews have become the norm. Achieving this success depends on several crucial factors: technology, your appearance, and surroundings, how you start the interview, and how you end it. By following these guidelines and being well-prepared, you can ensure that your online interviews go smoothly. This, in turn, makes the hiring process a better experience for both you the hirer, and the candidates. Let's delve into some of the essential aspects of online interviews for recruiters. 

technology is key
One of the fundamental aspects of conducting a successful online interview is ensuring that the technology used is agreed upon and properly set up. In the past, teams have faced significant issues when transitioning from exclusively using Zoom to incorporating other platforms like Teams. It's crucial to be prepared and comfortable with the technology chosen for the interview. This includes sending the invite out well in advance to give the interviewee plenty of chance to test, having a reliable internet connection, ensuring the interviewee knows how to use the platform, and troubleshooting any potential technical glitches before the interview begins. Being tech-savvy will not only save time but also create a positive impression on the interviewee.

visual impact matters
First impressions matter, even in virtual meetings. Both the interviewee and the interviewer should pay attention to their surroundings and attire. The environment in which you conduct the interview should be professional and free from distractions. Utilising the blurred background can make it an easy way to make sure of this. Additionally, dressing appropriately for the type of interview is essential. While a formal suit may be necessary for some industries, others might prefer a more business-casual approach. Ensuring that both you and the interviewee are visually presentable sets the right tone for the interview.

starting the meeting right
How you initiate the interview can significantly impact the candidate's experience. Consider whether you want to have your team present from the start or hold the interviewee in a virtual "lobby" until the appointed time. Both approaches have their advantages. Starting with your team on the call from the beginning can create a welcoming atmosphere while using a lobby system ensures that the interview starts precisely on time and in a professional way. The key is to decide on your approach beforehand and communicate it clearly to the candidate. Proper preparation in this area can help make a great first impression.

ending the meeting gracefully
Concluding the interview can sometimes be tricky in the virtual world. Clicking the "leave" or "end meeting" button can feel abrupt and final. To avoid this, ensure that everyone has had the opportunity to ask or answer all their questions within the allotted time. It's essential to manage time effectively during the interview, allowing for a smooth and graceful conclusion. Before ending the meeting, provide the candidate with an opportunity to ask any final questions or express their thoughts.

need help with your interview process? 
At giant fiance+ we’re experts in providing funding and back-office solutions so when it comes to recruiting, you are the experts. However, all clients of giant fiancé+ are assigned a dedicated client manager so if you want to test any tech or any challenges you are having with online interviewing then just let us know. We will always help if we can! 

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