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As part of our efforts to serve the recruitment sector, we conduct the research you don't have the time to do. Take a look at our latest blogs tailored to 

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gf+ blogs remote interview


mastering the online interview

In this blog, we discuss the modern world of recruitment in which online interviews have become the norm. 


gf+ blog education

empower your - education recruitment agency


 In this blog, we discuss the busy season for education hirers and how we can offer seamless solutions! 

gf+ Perm to Temp Blog

embracing change: transitioning from permanent jobs to temporary contractor jobs  


In this blog, we discuss the biggest decline in permanent hires since June 2020 and how we can help!   

seasonal business

 insights with Rich & Mike  - a guide for smart finance solutions for seasonal businesses and beyond 

In this blog, we recap the last week’s Insights Time Webinar where we explored seasonal recruitment businesses.                                          


 a guide for starting an agency - excellent delivery and efficient operations

In this blog, we tell you how you can access technology that has the ability to set you apart for both clients and workers.


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the benefits of credit control & bad debt protection

In this blog, we look at why agencies can benefit from having bad debt insurance as well as outsourcing their credit control. 

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top 10 tips for making sure your invoices are paid

In this blog we provide some proactive steps you can take to make sure you are on top of the pile when it's time to get your invoices paid.

free checks (11)how back-office software can improve your efficiency?

In this blog, we provide some practical benefits of back-office support that can help your recruitment agency save time and resources. 


a guide for starting an agency  - market and business basics

In this blog, using decades of recruitment experience, we provide tips on what it takes to be a successful start-up that can help you go from employed to self-employed.


a guide for starting an agency - execution, measurements and future proofing

In this blog, we talk about the ways you can ensure a smooth and sustainable future for your business.